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  2. Updated in October, "Here is a contribution of the unforgettable Maya Indians, whom we have abandoned," is the wistful introduction to a pamphlet on the chaya plant, from Desarollo Integral de la Familia (DIF), which goes on to call chaya "an ideal food and medicine.". According to the National Institute of Nutrition in Mexico City, ingesting chaya will.
  3. Feb 26,  · A teahouse in Japan.··A large, fast-growing leafy perennial Mexican shrub which is popular in Mexico and Central America as a leafy vegetable, cooked and eaten like spinach, from species Cnidoscolus aconitifolius or Cnidoscolus chayamansa.
  4. Chaya is quite nutritious; it does, indeed, provide more protein, calcium, iron, vitamin C, and carotenes than spinach. The leaves have also been used traditionally for treatment of a wide variety of ailments including obesity, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, acne, eye problems, and as laxatives and diuretics and to stimulate circulation, improve digestion and strengthen fingernails.
  5. La chaya es muy popular en México y Centroamérica, donde se cocinan y preparan sus hojas como espinacas. Conozcamos un poco sobre beneficios de la chaya y porque es muy recomendada en la medicina tradicional.
  6. Oct 06,  · What is Chaya? Here is the definition from Wikipedia: "Cnidoscolus aconitifolius, commonly known as chaya or tree spinach, is a large, fast-growing leafy perennial shrub that is .
  7. Chaya is native to Belize but many Belizeans are not familiar with these plants. Chaya is a hardy plant that bears numerous deep green leaves and some say resembles spinach. But is has far more nutritional value compared to spinach. The young shoots and tender leaves of .
  8. Chay definition is - the root of an East Indian herb (Oldenlandia umbellata) that yields a red dye.

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